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5 vitamins to eat for healthy skin

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

A balanced diet is important for your general health. However, there are some nutrients that specifically contribute to healthy and glowing skin. Find out what foods you can consume if great skin is on your agenda!

Omega-3 fats cannot be produced by the human body and therefore needs to be consumed in order to make use of its benefits. Omega-3 is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, such as sunburn resistance, reduction of breakouts and alleviation of dry and irritated skin. It is also considered to contribute to plump and healthy-looking skin.

Sources of Omega-3 fatty acids include:

  • Fatty fish - E.g. Salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, anchovies

  • Fish oil - E.g. cod liver oil

  • Other seafood - E.g. Oysters

  • Walnuts

  • Seeds - E.g. Flax, hemp, chia

  • Soybeans

Vitamin A is converted to retinol, which increases collagen production, encourages skin renewal and leads to plumper skin.

Sources of Vitamin A include:

  • Dairy products - E.g. Milk, butter, cheese

  • Eggs

  • Cod liver oil

  • Animal liver

  • Fish - E.g. Mackerel, salmon, tuna

Whilst plants do not contain Vitamin A directly, certain plants that contain carotenoids are converted into Vitamin A in the intestine. Such plants include carrots, grapefruit, squash, oranges and apricots.

Vitamin C mitigates skin damage caused by UV rays, helps with dry skin and healing wounds. It can be found in:

  • Various fruit - E.g. Oranges, guava, strawberries, papaya, grapefruit, pineapples

  • Capsicums and chillies

  • Broccoli

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and boosts the immune system. It can be found in many foods, including vegetable oil, nuts, seeds and leafy greens.

Selenium has anti-ageing benefits, is anti-inflammatory, boosts the immune system and helps skin to heal.

Selenium can be found in Brazil nuts, meats, brown rice and legumes.

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