Every evening I turn off the lights of my shop, I am happy that I have helped my beautiful customers feel good about themselves!

I studied Chinese medicine at university for many years and went to work in a hospital as a doctor. I wanted to help people, but it was sad for me to see so many of them struggling with (at times) life threatening illnesses.

When I immigrated to Sydney, I decided to turn that around. I still wanted to make a difference, but I also wanted to make people feel good about themselves in a more immediate way. So, back to school I went.

Soon after completing my apprenticeship with another local business, I opened Weena Skin Care Centre in Chatswood. 15 years later, I know I have found my calling.

I enjoy waxing people most of all - Especially when customers look up at me in surprise and tell me that my waxing is fast, painless and "the best waxing in my life!"

Other favourite services are the Sothys facials (where I can get people to relax and feel pampered) and eyebrow threading (seeing faces transform from carefully shaped brows).

Most of all, I love being part of the local community in Chatswood, meeting my customers on the street and greeting them as old friends would.

I hope to meet you soon, too.

Weena Skin Care is a beauty salon located in Chatswood, NSW. It has been operating for over 15 years and specialises in waxing (including Brazilians), threading and Sothys facials.

Online bookings available at

Ph: (02) 9412 2277

Address: 3a/ 379 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

Weena Skin Care