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Skincare for dry, sensitive skin

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

If you have dry and sensitive skin, you may experience some of these things:

  • Itchy skin - Your skin may be itchy as a result of dryness, as a reaction to an incompatible product or due to some other form of allergy. If you believe you may be having an allergic reaction, it may be appropriate to consult with your GP or a dermatologist to understand how best to manage your allergies (including undertaking a prick test to identify allergens).

  • Dry, flaky skin - This may take the form of eczema or some other form of skin dermatitis. These skin conditions may be managed through use of a gentle moisturiser. Your doctor may also prescribe a topical ointment, such as steroid cream, to alleviate these skin conditions.

  • Stinging or red skin - Flushed, stinging skin or the development of a rash can reflect skin irritation or sensitivity.

Irritated skin is uncomfortable and can be difficult to deal with. Part of the process of managing this is understanding what triggers reactions and the reason for your skin condition. Examples of these can include:

  • Hereditary factors - Do other family members experience dermatitis?

  • Allergens - These can be environmental (such as exposure to the sun, extreme heat or cold) or caused by irritating chemicals, fibres or foods. Keeping a diary to track what you have been eating and wearing can assist with narrowing down the list of what is triggering flare-ups.

We typically recommend the use of fragrance-free and hydrating products to those suffering from dry and/or sensitive skin. At Weena Skin Care, our specific recommendations come from Sothys' product range, which we also incorporate into our professional facial treatments.

Note: If you know you are allergic to specific ingredients, it is important to check an item's list of ingredients before applying a product. You can also request samples and "patch" test a small amount of product on your skin (e.g. on your neck).

  • Cleanse your skin with twice daily with Comfort Cleansing Milk (lait démaquillant confort).

  • Mask a couple of times a week with the nutri-soothing mask (masque nutri-apaisant). Containing two types of algae extract, this mask alleviates discomfort, and softens and soothes the skin.

  • Apply the soothing SOS serum (sérum SOS apaisant) to the face and neck twice daily. Scentless and anti-inflammatory, this serum reduces sensitivity and discomfort.

  • Hydrate in the morning and at night with the Soothing Velvet Cream (crème veloutée).

One final tip for carrying out your skincare routine is to avoid washing your face with hot water, which can be drying on the skin.

Weena Skin Care is an authorised stockist of Sothys Paris. We are located on Sydney's North Shore at Shop 3A/379 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067.

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