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5 Fabulous Skin Care Tips

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

It's the new year, which means it's that time to set your resolutions and launch towards your personal goals. All the better if you can get things done with vibrant and healthy skin!

Since it's hard to make changes effective, we've limited ourselves to 5 key tips:

1. Apply sunscreen daily

Growing up here in Australia, we are well-versed in the mantra "slip, slop, slap". For those from overseas, that means: slip on clothes that guard your skin against the sun, slop on broad-spectrum, water-resistant and SPF30+ sunscreen and slap on a hat.

Advice to apply sunscreen is repeated frequently and is taken as common knowledge; however, with many of us in desk jobs, it is frequently very tempting to let that bottle of SPF retreat behind our other cosmetics, and to only dig it out when we're planning to do something outdoorsy.

Given that skin-damaging UV rays can still penetrate through clouds, it is important to be disciplined by incorporating sunscreen into our daily skincare routine - after moisturiser and before makeup (if you wear it).

2. Book in facials monthly

Facials have a number of benefits:

  • Deep cleansing of pores - Over time, dead skin cells, residual makeup, oils and dirt accumulate in your pores, making your face vulnerable to the presence of blackheads and acne. One part of a facial that aims to remove these impurities is a process called "steaming", which opens up your pores, followed by exfoliation, which is performed on the surface of your skin, leaving behind a smooth texture. Your beautician may also manually identify and remove blackheads, which can be painful but very effective, not only in deep cleansing, but in reduction of visible pores.

  • Improved blood circulation - Getting a facial involves the application of hand pressure in circular, upward motions. Sound familiar? Basically, it's a massage to the face, conferring the benefits of improved blood flow, relaxation and stress reduction. Some therapists even sweeten the deal with a scalp rub!

  • Receiving professional advice tailored to your skin - A skilled beautician is able to assess your skin type (e.g. normal, dry, oily, combination or other specific skin conditions) and arm you with information that you can take away to further maintain and improve the health of your skin. After all, the health of your skin reveals the long-term effects of your routine.

Monthly visits are recommended due to our skin regeneration cycle, which, on average, works out to around 28 days. This refers to the replacement of our old skin cells with new ones every 28 days. A monthly facial works to exfoliate these dead cells.

At Weena Skin Care Centre, we offer a variety of facials from our premises in Chatswood on Sydney's north shore. To book in a session, click here.

3. Curate your skin care products with each change in seasons

With a plethora of products out there, it's helpful to isolate the 3 to 5 essentials that give you the most benefit without detracting from your beauty sleep - how many of us actually want to (let alone can afford to!) slap on 10 different products at 6.30 in the morning?

We've compiled a list of items with generic descriptions - If you've got them all covered, well done, you're smashing it!

  • Sunscreen - We've already mentioned the importance of sun protection, so the inclusion of sunscreen on our list of essentials should come as no surprise. Choose a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30+ SPF.

  • Moisturiser - A moisturiser, as the name suggests, keeps skin hydrated, and is particularly useful to those who experience dry skin. The moisturiser you choose should be adapted to the season, meaning that drier winter conditions warrant use of a heavier cream for additional hydration, while a lightweight product is better suited to the summer.

  • Cleanser - Cleanse your face in the morning and at night to remove accumulated oil and dirt. If you wear makeup during the day, a double cleanse (or more) can help ensure a thorough wash. As with moisturisers, summer months invite lighter cleansers, while cleansers that promote additional skin hydration are helpful for winter.

  • Exfoliant - Exfoliating once a week keeps your skin feeling fresh and smooth. Be careful of exfoliating daily, as this can leave your skin feeling raw and sensitive!

  • Optional item - Serum - Depending on what the serum is, these products can provide additional hydration, reduce pores, plump up your skin and provide anti-ageing benefits. While tending to be on the pricier end of a product range, they are lightweight and easily absorbed into your pores. If you want to incorporate a serum into your regime, it is applied after cleansing and before moisturising.

4. Take stock of your inventory annually - and throw out everything that's expired!

For hygienic and practical purposes, it is important not to use expired or otherwise "old" products, even if unopened. Products such as sunscreens are required to display expiry dates, after which they lose complete effectiveness, putting you at risk of sunburn and UV damage if you don't heed the warning on the label. Other expired products may grow bacteria, causing infections and skin irritations. If something doesn't have an expiry date, use your discretion and inspect the product - the nose is pretty good at detecting if anything's gone off.

5. Avoid hot water when cleansing your face

We're finishing our list off with this small tip because of how easy it is to follow! Using hot water (including in the shower) can cause increased dryness, skin irritation and enlarged pores. At the end of the day, moderation is best, which means lowering your water temperature from hot to warm and drying off with gentle pats (as opposed to vigorous scrubs).

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