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The benefits of professional waxing

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Whilst DIY waxing kits may be attractive low-cost alternatives, there are a number of reasons why you may be willing to pay a bit extra for the services of a professional.

1. Personal safety

For the inexperienced, waxing can be a painful ordeal. It is important to ensure that your skin is held taut in order to avoid accidentally bruising yourself (or worse, tearing your skin!). Some regions are also more

difficult to reach than others, and you may need to enlist the assistance of a friend.

Furthermore, working with hot wax can lead to burns if the temperature of the wax is too high - if you must do it yourself, test the wax on a small patch of skin before use.

2. Changes in hair direction

Removing hair in the wrong direction can cause bruising and encourage ingrown hairs - Ouch! Although hair removal in the correct direction may sound straight forward, everyone's bodies are different and hair direction often changes throughout the body. A skilled waxing therapist should be able to promptly adapt their technique to each individual to minimise pain and the risk of ingrown hairs.

3. Salon quality wax

Due to the range of customers that professionals treat, it is important that the wax used is high quality and appropriate for sensitive skin. Although cheaper, DIY wax tends to be lower quality. The wax that we use at Weena Skin Care can only be sourced from wholesalers and therefore can't be obtained at the retail level. We have also trialed numerous brands over the years and only use wax that yields the cleanest results.

4. Convenience

Professional waxing is fast and you don't have to worry about cleaning up after yourself. As mentioned above, there are hard-to-reach areas for which it is safer and easier to have someone else carry through the procedure - It's never pleasant to see stubborn hairs remaining after going through the effort of DIY!

For results that last longer, you may wish to consider laser treatment.

Weena Skin Care is a beauty salon located in Chatswood, NSW. It has been operating for over 15 years and specialises in waxing (including Brazilians), face lifts, threading and Sothys facials.

Waxing treatments range from $13 (underarms) to $170 (full body).

Online bookings available here

Ph: (02) 9412 2277

Address: 3a/ 379 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

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